Wednesday, March 17, 2010

sixth week (3rd week experiment of the project)

For this sixth week of class and the 3rd time of our project (JACK FRUIT SEED COOKIES ) been done. In this week of class we been given a task to improvise our product so that we could prepare of the exhibition just around the conner. For now we would like to present the step ourfood innovation product been done.

the ingredient for our cookies
butter 160gm
sugar 160gm
flour 230gm
egg yolk 2nos
essen vanilla 1tbsp
baking powder 1tbsp
chocolate chip 10gm
seed jackfruit 15gm
walnut 10gm

the seed's been boiled for a while

after the seed been boiled rafiq n taufiq peel out the skin of that seed.

next, the seed are ready to be blend.

after the seed blended, for now the seed needs to been baked for a while.

after the seed been baked we mix all the other ingredient.

for now the cookies is already to be baked after the dough have been smoothly done.

lastly after the cookies been baked around 1/2 and hour it already to present.

later on we are on the next task which we need to make our beverage with our main product (Jack fruit SEED)

firstly we blend the seed with the beverage recipe the we agreed.

the beverage almost ready to be serve

now the result success

2nd picture of our beverage.

(Finally it is time to present our very own product.)