Monday, March 8, 2010

fifth week ( 2nd week experiment of the project)

For this fifth week of class and the 2nd time of our project (JACK FRUIT SEED COOKIES ) been done. In this week of class we divided our cookies into different type of combination of ingredient, different types of method and add with extra flour. Now we would like to show you the steps of our project been done.

the ingredient for additional of hazelnut

the 2nd ingredient which added of walnut

pealing out the jack fruit seed skin.

the seed has been pealed out the skin and now ready to be bland

after the seed been blend

all of the ingredient has been mixed

Taufiq handling the hazelnut and Hazuraini handling the walnut

the dough has been divided into 2

1/4 of the dough has been baked in a method of drop cookies

the cookies also been divided to 4 types
1. The dough and the walnut
2. The dough mix with walnut and extra of flour
3. The dough just been mixed with hazelnut
4. Lastly the dough mix with hazelnut and extra flour

Beside we baked the Jack Fruit Seed Cookies, we also make a lovely beverage which is also been made from the Jack Fruit Seed. This is the example picture or proof that we made the beverage.