Wednesday, February 24, 2010

third week

On the 3th week, our final experiment is drying of fruits to make fruit leather . This 'drying of fruits method' is using to keep and maintain the fruits longer for months. In this experiment, we are using fresh fruits - strawberry, kiwi, apple and peach. Each group must make1numbers of fruit leather, 1st-using sugar and 2nd-using honey. Our group has given a task to make fruit leather from GREEN APPLE.

1st ingredient that using the sugar

2nd ingredients that using the honey

the gree apple that we used

processe to take uot the seed

after it done the processe we put it on the salty water

to make sure it not become spoil

the processe to blend all the ingredients

add a sugar for the 1st experiment

add some cinemon

this is for second experiment that use the honey

while adding the honey

blend the fruit

put it on the tray and sweap it to all place on the tray

when it half cook i the oven

whe it done. ower problem when using the apple is we need take mre longger time because te apple is to watery.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Second week

For the 2nd...there were second experiment in class...previous experiment which is baked cake but now to baked bread...firstly we were brief by Chef Nina for our experiment...then we measure all the ingredients and start to bake bread...for our team, we were given for 500 folding and liquid section which is water is substitute by milk...our team need to bake 3 types of bread...the result for the 3 types of bread is totally different... look at the photo to know what we have done...

The objective the experiment is:
1. To know the characterize the development of wheat gluten in batters and dough
2. To compare the differences in behavior between the protien in all purpose, cake, pastry, bread, rye, and triicale flour.
3. To study the conceptualize tha canhges the gluten complex undergoes during the aking period, from the stretchatble complex to the denatured primary structure of the baked prduct.
4. To describe the factors influencing gluten development in a variety of baked product


the ingredients that used is water,salt, shortening,sugar,flour and yeast.

the first step to do dilute the shortening.

third step of making the bread mix the yeast into water. then mix the shortening to the yeast and water integrated.

then add the flour in the water,yeast and shortening slowly.

after all ingredients had mix togather we need to knead it for 200 times and 500 times.

when it had done. it will be look like this and apply some oil to the dough.

before it bake we put it on the aluminuim box and put in water and wrap in aluminium foil for expand the dough.

it bake around 180C.

the result for the experiment

First Week

For the first week...Chef Nina give us a paper which is an experiment on food...this week we need to bake a basic cake which is called "Angel Cake"...instead of bake the cake...we need to make an experiment on the cake...our group is choosen to make an experiment on under-beating, over-beating and no cream of tartar.other group were given their own section for this cake too...there will be many types of result due to many types of requirement on the let the picture to explain more on what we have done......